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Best Man by kindkit

RPF: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (Fregg)
Gen, with significant slash subtext
Summary: The night before Simon's wedding, the sort of wonderful softness and humor that flows naturally between them ensues.
Quote: "And," Nick continues, "I'll still love you best even when you're married and boring and never have time to make me watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer anymore."

Absolutely amazing, her style is flawless as she really brings to life the extra close friendship Simon and Nick have been very public about. The slash is really to be expected and deliciously easy going - just as it should be. Mild hints of drama that is not ever going to be drama just made my tummy flutter. I'm not normally one that can deal with the "breaking up" aspect of this RPF pairing, but stories like this easily bring me back round again.
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Note: You, sadly, have to be a member of the group to read.

Caring by anazri
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: James/Jeremy/Richard preslash
Summary/Noteses:Richard and Jeremy look after tired!James; could be called fluffy.

Absolutely adorable pre-slash goodness with some beautiful imagry. Well worth the read.

Quote: The lights of London flicker past, uneven and distorted against the orange-lined glow of the night sky, reflected time and time again in the smeared windows of the car that passes by them. They sit silent in the back seat, pressed close together, and James falls asleep again on Jeremy's shoulder; Hammond watches them rather than the obscured view of the traffic ahead.


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What Matters Most by kHo
Pairing: Steve/Jeff
Rating: R
Summary: Jeff's face registered surprise as Steve leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his frame, pulling him into a warm embrace. He laughed slightly and wrapped his arms around Steve and turned his head into his neck. "Imagine what Patrick would say."

Despite it's formatting errors, this is actually an amazing story. Sweet and touching with that touch of sitcom humor. The best characterization of Jeff I have seen yet - not that there's an abundance of Coupling stories.

Quote: Steve laughed. "We're supposed to talk about breasts and nipples, and beer and football. Not feelings. It's not what men do."

Jeff shrugged. "We're drunk."

Steve laughed again. "True."


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Shonen Jump presents "Fiery New Bear Ronin Squad!" by annlarimer
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG for violence and language and violence and some violence
Summary: You've seen the movie. Now read the anime.

Someone should really declare annlarimer queen of the Hot Fuzz crack!fic. Exceptionally funny, perhaps even moreso if you're an anime fan.

Quote: "You look bearish to me," Nikorasu said politely.

"Ta. I feel bearish, but then I don't really understand science."

Changing Rooms by annlarimer
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Rating: I have no idea. Um...PG-13.
Summary: "We could always just start with Volume 2." "That would be cheating."

A turn at romance, Sandford style. Wonderful and silly and delicious all at the same time. It was quite difficult to pull out only one quote, the whole thing is just a really great read.

Quote: There was a pause of -- by Danny's reckoning -- two or three years' duration. Then Nicholas leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Geronimo.

It was brief, awkward (what with all the noses and foreheads), and the timing was all wrong. And it was like being struck by Technicolor lightning.


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Not Friends by helleboredoll
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: mostly harmless
Summary: Rodney didn't have any friends on Earth.

I'm a sucker for a first time and this one is just so very *Rodney* with none of the angst or tension. If you dig an easy going, mostly smutless PWP this is a very nice one.

Quote: He might be justifiably proud of his status as not only a genius but probably the single greatest scientific mind in this galaxy, but he wasn't too arrogant to recognize that some of those changes in himself might actually be something of an improvement. All things considered, he thought he'd made the adjustment quite gracefully. And his realization that he actually liked having friends was one he was particularly pleased, if slightly surprised, over.


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It Ain’t Right Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3 by mikes_grrl
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB, implied NA/oc
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Benders? Never in Sandford…

It's not my typical read, I'll tell you that up front. A very different characterization angle on Danny that she pulls off with a stroke of some genius.

Quote: “Good. I’m glad. So…good night.” Nicholas rolled over and turned his back on Danny, pulling the sheets up. Danny stepped forward and crawled into his bed, then turned off the light. He rolled onto his side, his back towards Nicholas, and put his head down. He realized that the pillow was still warm from where Nicholas had laid on it, and as Danny turned his face into it he smelled the familiar scent of Nicholas. He breathed deeply, relaxing in it, and rubbed his face against the fabric, feeling wretched for how he treated Nicholas. The girl asked Danny to stay later, in fact, but Danny did not feel right about leaving Nicholas alone for so long. So then he rushed back only to accuse him of something he knew Nicholas would never do. Danny kept rubbing his face into Nicholas’ musty scent on the pillow, needing the comfort of Nicholas next to him, and he had his erection in his hand before he realized what the hell he was doing. He froze, uncertain and terrified of where his thoughts had gone, but his hand felt so warm and comforting against him that he did not let go, and started stroking himself, wondering how he could carry this out without Nicholas hearing him.

And Not Be Moved By You Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 by ldhenson
Pairing: Angel/Danny
Rating: R
Summary: It's like a hazily-familiar tune.

So deliciously tender and moving. This is the story that made me want to start a Recs page again just to make sure everyone reads it. I was moved to tears, a very rare and wonderful thing in fanfiction.

Quote: Danny's gone very still, and Angel realises his partner is holding his breath; not apprehensive, only waiting. Angel moves closer, stops thinking, stops thinking, allows his lips to linger on Danny's cheek, closes his eyes.

He can feel Danny's hand on his stomach, not pushing him away, just a gentle weight. The warnings of rules and regulations and deep primal uncertainty are shrieking in his ears, but he shoves them aside, wills his and Danny's mingled breathing to be the only thing he hears. He finds the corner of Danny's mouth, a little too rushed, lowers his head -

The Bellman's Map by annlarimer
Pairing: None, Gen
Rating: PG, fer cussin' and violence
Summary: "It's the chittering," she said. "I can't abide the chittering."

Oh dear gods. Quite possibly the funniest Hot Fuzz fic yet. So very amusing - and it brought in a few great fannon ideas!

Quote: (And it was hard as hell to pick just one) "Oh." Angel sipped his tea. He'd started out with a plain white mug, but someone had replaced it with an oversized pink teacup that had "Princess" emblazoned on the side in curly script. "Should...should we stop him at all?"

Drabble: Tacked to the Fridge by annlarimer
Rating: Unbelievably childish
Pairing: None
Summary: Euphemisms for Sex that Danny Butterman is Never, Ever Allowed to Use Again

Funny as all hell. It's just a drabble. Go. Read. Laugh your ass off.

Quote: Not including one this time... it's far too short.


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Safe Harbor by azewewish
Fandom: Actor RPS
Summary: Ben visits Matt.
Rating: PG-13

Damon/Affleck was my first RPS pairing. I love 'em to pieces still.

Best Moment: "Nothin', man. Just look like one of those clowns, y'know. That climb out of those tiny cars."


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Lips Like Sugar by Caroline Crane
Fandom: Dead Man on Campus
Pairing: Josh/Cooper
Summary: A little bit of holiday fluff.
Rating: PG

Mmm. Really makes me want a candy cane... among other things.

Best Moment: It was nothing; just one of those little candy canes handed out by doctors' offices and Salvation Army Santas every year, but as he watched it slide slowly into Cooper's mouth his knees trembled and he felt a rush of warmth he couldn't explain away just because he hadn't taken off his coat yet. He watched Cooper's lips curl into a perfect 'O' as he sucked, then relax around the candy and God, why hadn't he ever noticed that mouth before?


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Voyeur by domhobbitzes
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: Dominic and Billy hunt for the perfect present.
Rating: PG-13

Okay, Billy, Dom and plushies in the same story. Does it get much cuter without being complete and utter fluff?

Best Moment: "This is for one night only. After this, that thing stays on your side of the bed..." He was going to say more but stopped at the feeling of lips against his neck. "Dom..." A sharp intake of breath caused by teeth and hard sucking. "Not in front of the platypus."

Fuschia by LimeySugar
Pairing: Elijah/Orlando
Summary: Elijah paints Orlando's toenails.
Rating: Light NC-17

I'm a sucker for make-up, including nail polish.Deliciously done.

Best Moment: Orlando started to say that he still wasn’t sure he wanted his toenails any colour than the colour that they came in, but the look was back in Elijah’s eyes. And the look told him that yes, yes, this was a very good idea indeed. It also told him to hurry the fuck up and take his shoes off, or there would be serious consequences.

Would You Like To Supersize? by Shelly
Pairing: Dom/Sean A.
Summary: AU. Sean's the Assitant Manager of a McDonalds, Dom is a lowely crew member.
Rating: PG-13 for language

Okay, for starters it's very tough to pull me away from the Monaboyd. Secondly, I very rarely even think about reading AU stuff. This was just too great to pass up. Seriously, the quote below is just a taste of the wonder contained in this far too short ficlet. Even if you don't read AU, or have the same shipper issues I do... please, do yourself a favor and read this. You'll thank me.

Best Moment: Dominic wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his arm. Working the bloody kitchen (and could you really call it a kitchen?) was hot. He’d much rather be at the registers, interacting with people, some of which even had half a brain—much opposed to the majority of his coworkers.

Peaches by Blue Kat
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: Fruity sex. What more do you need to know?
Rating: Strong R

For one, it's totally hysterical! I mean it. I was almost rolling on the floor in tears. Then, there's the sex. Hot, sticky, outside sex. Yum!

Best Moment: On top of him, Billy seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. Shifting a little, he suddenly looked down at the younger man. "You're quite comfortable, you know that?"

Since Dom's voice had ran away and hidden somewhere, all he could do was nod. His eyes followed Billy's hand reaching for another peach. Swallowing heavily he watched as Billy gently touched the fuzzy skin with the tip of his tongue.

End of The Day by Maia J
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: Billy's very tired when he comes home.
Rating: PG

It's just so sweet and very much Billy.

Best Moment: “No, it’s your other clumsy Scottish boyfriend.”

Monday Morning by Maia J
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: A break in filming gives Billy the chance to get what he wants.
Rating: NC-17

Hot sex that made me giggle no matter how flustered I am. :) I love hot sex and comedy in the same fic.

Best Moment: “Oops, naked hobbit.”

Paint by Maia J
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: A game of improvised paintball ends with a really nice shower.
Rating: R

It's funny. And sexy. And has Dom and Billy together in a shower. What more do you need to know?

Best Moment: “I’m lying on a very cold floor, naked and wet, having almost cracked my skull open from half destroying and falling out of a shower.” Billy glanced down at his torso. “And I still look like I came up against Rainbow Brite in a dark alley. Things like this never happened to me before I met you.”

Because It's You by Soleta
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: Billy obsesses...just a little.
Rating: PG

Mmm. I love the way Dom's carrying on and all Billy can think about is...skin. And, the phrase "Tentacle-Bait Elijah" because it makes me squeal like a school girl.

Best Moment: Dom wasn't paying too much attention, though. "Us, then. How come we're not getting shagged off our arses? We're fine specimens of the male species. We're respectable actors. We're older than fucking Tentacle-Bait Elijah, we are not unattractive, so what the hell gives?" Dom was pacing now, gesturing like a windmill. And - ha - it never failed. Up rode the t-shirt and out peeked the Skin. Billy felt like wandering over and saying hello to Skin. Only, y'know, with his tongue. And Skin would taste ever so lovely and it would be happy he was there and -

Sincerely Yours by Kia
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: Dominic gets serious
Rating: R

It's funny and hot and angsty all at once. It's just...wow. At a loss for words here, go read it.

Best Moment: “I do make a nice cream.”

The next few seconds consisted of a decidedly smart decision to laugh and fake some sort of repulsion at Billy’s comment. Dom urged, pleaded, with himself to forget that it was probably the most erotic thing he had ever heard. Ever. A little to do with the words, much to do with the voice. Much. He also urged himself to forget how much he missed Billy’s warmth against his side when he pulled away, stopping a few feet from the door.

Sleeping Habits by Nippa56
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: They just can't sleep together.
Rating: PG

It's the perfect combination of romance and reality.

Best Moment: (It's short, so I probably shouldn't quote...but I can't help myself) Their problem is, they both move. A lot. Bed head was never so horrendous until they spent a night under the same blanket. By morning, Billy is always shocked at his reflection, and Dom mumbles something about it being Billy's fault. They argue and bicker with each other over this, until they see another person who always, inevitably, says, "Jesus! You guys look like shit."

Fame-22 by hackthis
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Summary: The price of fame.
Rating: Unrated, not graphic

It's funny and sweet and sexy and addresses a very important part of fame.

Best Moment: Billy scratches himself inappropriately even when he can’t be sure someone’s not looking, and he’s been known to go without pants rather than do the laundry.


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Mince Pie and Kisses by Cassiopeia
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
Summary: Mince pie leads to a rather unexpected evening.
Rating: R

Pure, unadulterated hobbit fluff. :) I'm all about the moments, and my heart was won over when Frodo was helping Sam cook!

Best Moment: “I know, Sam,” Frodo sighed. “But you do so much for me already. And I am perfectly capable of making a cup of tea myself.”

“Of course you are,” said Sam, putting the ingredients on the bench with a thud. He rummaged through the cupboard, looking for a bowl, a wooden spoon and a rolling pin. He felt Frodo’s eyes follow him, and he dipped his head so Frodo wouldn’t see how much that made him blush. Sam dumped a cupful of flour a little too heavily into the bowl, and a cloud of white dust floated up into air.


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